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Reach out to our representative in your area to see if your desired time slot is available to hold your event.

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Find a suitable location to hold your Archery Battle game based on our recommendations.

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Our team will manage and ensure the success of your event on site, so you can share in the fun!



Thanks to our experience and research, we have tested and selected the best foam archery products:

  • Light bows for right- and left-handed players, which are very easy to handle.
  • Solid arrows designed to be painless at impact.
  • Mini-bows that make the sport accessible for players from the age of 5.
  • Children’s / adults’ masks that are light, resistant and safe.

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6 games





The playing field is divided into two areas. The participants of both teams position themselves behind their inflatable shelters. At the signal of the facilitator, the goal of each player is to run toward the center of the field to retrieve as many arrows as possible. The goal is to eliminate all their opponents by hitting them with an arrow. An eliminated player may return to the game if a member of the team makes a target fall from its stand. The team that manages to eliminate all their opponents wins the game.

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Two teams, wearing bibs of different colours, compete on open ground (no marking). Participants can move to any place on the playing field. The first team to eliminate all their opponents wins. Each player has only one life.

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Each team has a flag in their area. The goal is to capture the flag in the opponents’ area and bring it back into theirs. When players are hit by an arrow, they must exit the game space for 30 seconds (they are eliminated temporarily). If the player carrying the flag is hit, he or she must drop it immediately and leave the field for 30 seconds. The first team to bring the opponents’ flag back to their area wins.

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Clash of the clans

Three teams are positioned in a triangle, behind their shelters, on an open playing field. The goal is to eliminate all players from opposing teams. The last team to still have one or more players in the game wins. Each player has only one life.

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Each team must mark a “prison area,” located at the edge of its playing area. Players hit by an arrow must leave their area to go to the prison of the opposing camp. To get out, the prisoners will have to rely on their teammates, who will try to reach them with arrows. When prisoners succeed in hitting an opponent with one of their arrows, they regain freedom and join their camp again. Their opponent, hit by the arrow, will go to jail in turn. A team wins when all opposing players are imprisoned.

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The bride or groom stands alone in front of a row of archers and has to run back and forth across the width of the playing field twice, trying to avoid the arrows aimed at him or her.

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3 Games





Let us teach you the basics of archery and discover Archery Shot. No need to be an expert or have years of experience; our facilitator will train you and teach you the basics of archery so you can hit the target with your very first arrows.

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All players are aligned on the field at the same distance from the targets and shoot at the same time to accumulate points. Several distances will be proposed to increase the difficulty level. The Mockingbird is ideal for a group, creating an energizing competition between participants.

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The goal is to reach the target from the longest distance possible. With three shots supervised by one of our facilitators, the goal is to obtain the title of Robin Hood.

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Save on your package by combining

Archery Battle and Bubble Madness.

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Professional and courteous service

Let us teach you the basics of archery and make you discover Archery Battle. You do not have to be an expert or have years of experience in archery, as our instructors will train you properly by teaching you the basics of archery. You will be able to hit the target with your first arrows. Our bows are extremely light and manoeuvrable, and they are perfectly designed for beginners.

Preparations to be made prior to the game by the person in charge of your event

Before the event, the person in charge must provide all participants with the necessary information regarding prohibited items (see Prohibited Items section below), dress code, and appropriate footwear. He or she must also send them the Important Pre-Game Instructions, as well as the Liability Waiver, Risk Assumption and Indemnity Agreement, so that all participants can review the information contained in these documents, print and sign the waiver.

The person in charge of organizing the event must also advise all participants to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time so they have sufficient time to dress, hand in their signed liability waiver, and warm-up properly in order to reduce the risk of injury. Facilitators will also check if all participants respect the dress code and are free of any forbidden objects at this time.

Upon arrival, the person in charge must meet with one of our facilitators to pay the fees associated with the package, hand over all signed waivers, and ask any remaining questions.

Dress code and recommended equipment

All participants must wear comfortable, appropriate sportswear (T-shirts, shorts, athletic pants, socks, etc.) as well as properly laced sneakers (no cleats). We also suggest you bring thin gloves (golfing or cycling gloves, for instance) to protect your fingers and knuckles while manipulating the bow.

Prohibited items

Winter boots, sandals, or loosely laced shoes or sneakers are forbidden. All participants must wear properly laced shoes that provide adequate ankle and foot support.

Players’ pockets must be empty at all times. Furthermore, no objects must litter the gym floor, the playing field or surrounding area in order to avoid injuries. Prior to the game, all players must store their personal objects (backpack, wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, shoes, etc.) in a safe space outside the play area (locker, car, etc.). Our facilitators are not responsible for the safeguarding of your personal belongings. We are not responsible for any theft that may occur during your event.

Preventing the risk of injury

Please read the following regulations carefully to prevent any risk of injury:

  • Participants must wear a mask at all times while on the playing surface to protect their face from impacts.
  • It is important to keep the mask at the end of the game, when collecting arrows near the inflatable structures.
  • It is also important to keep the mask whenever on the playing surface if other participants are practising their shot while waiting for their turn or during the break.
  • Never aim at an individual who does not have a mask.
  • Handle your bow only when you are on the playing surface, since the end of the bow could hit another person’s eye.
  • Do not tighten the string of your bow if there is no arrow. The string and the limbs of your bow could become damaged.
  • Wear your armguard at all times to prevent your bow string from pinching your skin.

Mandatory training for all participants in your event

A mandatory information session will be led by our facilitators prior to the start of the first game in order to explain the rules of the game and to ensure the safety of all the players and spectators. This training session is mandatory for all the players present during your event.

Furthermore, prior to your activity, it is very important to read the Liability Waiver, Risk Assumption and Indemnity Agreement documents in order to review the responsibilities of each party with regard to any incidents or accidents that may occur during play. The person in charge of your event must have all the signed waivers prior to the start of the first game, so they can be submitted to our facilitators.

Duration of games and breaks

The duration of a game is about 10 minutes. Breaks between games are included in the total duration of the activity. The duration of the breaks will vary depending on the games chosen and your cardiovascular recovery. You will be able to discuss this at the time of your reservation or with our facilitators upon arrival.

Size of your playing area

We recommend a size corresponding to at least three badminton courts to maximize the playing space.

Delimitation of playing surfaces in a gymnasium or room

In a gymnasium or room, there is no exit area; in other words, the participants are continuously in the game, since the four walls delimit the arena. No spectators without a mask will be allowed to enter the arena to avoid any risk of injury caused by the contact of an arrow. The game will be stopped if the facilitators observe the non-respect of this rule.

Delimitation of playing surfaces on indoor and outdoor playing fields

On an indoor or outdoor playing field, the playing areas are marked by the facilitators. The size of the playing surface can be reduced depending on the number of players on the field and the type of game chosen among those offered.

No spectators without masks will be allowed to enter the safety perimeter to avoid any risk of injury caused by the contact of an arrow. The game will be stopped if the facilitators observe the non-respect of this rule.




The principle of Archery Battle is simple; you can shoot the bow and hit your opponents with arrows that are completely adapted to absorb shocks, while fully protected, without any pain or risk of injury. We provide everyone with a specially developed protective mask to ensure safety. In addition, the tips of our arrows are rigid foam. This material is specially created to guarantee maximum precision while being perfectly painless for the opponent. We invite you to consult the Important Information section for more details on prohibited items, rules and advice on injury prevention. It is important that each player completes the form below and hands it over to the person in charge of the event before the start of the game.




* The Archery Shot activity includes 4 bows, 12 arrows and a giant inflatable target. You can also rent an individual Archery Shot target starting at $ 125 a day. Fees will apply farther than 25 kilometers from the center of Quebec City. Please contact us for more information.




Installation and facilitation, preventive training on the risk of injury and rules to be respected, liability and material damage insurance, travel expenses within 25 km of Quebec City, a cancellation policy, bows, arrows, masks, inflatable shelters, arm guards, targets, bibs, cones and towels.





If I have never shot a bow, will I be able to play and have fun?

Yes of course! No need to be an expert in the field, since our facilitators will introduce you to archery and they will train you properly before the game. They will teach you the basics, so you will be able to hit your targets with your very first arrows and have fun quickly.

Does being hit by an arrow hurt?

No. The tip of our arrows is made of foam. We have selected and tested this material since it is specially designed to absorb shocks.

Will we run out of arrows during the game?

Absolutely not, because you will have more than sixty arrows for the game.

Are the bows heavy?

No. The weight of an adult bow is 0.8 kg and the weight of the mini-bows for children is 0.4 kg (they are light and manoeuvrable).

From what age can we play?

The minimum age required to play Mini-Archers is 5 years old.

How many players should there be?

Minimum 6 players and 20 maximum players can take part in the game at the same time.

What security equipment do you provide?

We provide face masks and an armguard.

What equipment should I bring?

Apart from appropriate sportswear, it is strongly recommended for adults to have thin gloves (golfing or cycling gloves, for example).

How long does an adults’ game last?

A game for adults lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. This includes a short archery training of about fifteen minutes.

How long is a children's game?

A game for children lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. This time includes an instinctive initiation to archery of fifteen minutes.

What are the risks of injury?

All our equipment has been studied and tested to ensure the safety of all participants. The face will be protected entirely by a mask and you will wear a resistant armguard on the arm that supports the bow. In addition, our arrows are designed to absorb shocks and will not cause injury.

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